Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Two of My Favaorite Tools to use When I Work with Polymer Clay: You Won't Believe what They Are!

This is a tool I just started using for texture on polymer clay.
Can you guess what it is?
Of course,
It's aluminum foil.
You can use it in two ways.  

1) You can wad it up in a ball like shape and press it into the clay.
You get great texture this way, but only on one side.

2) You can wad the piece of aluminum foil up,
open the foil, the encase your clay in that foil.
(This will get you texture on both sides of your clay, if you want it that way.)
Run the encased clay through the largest setting on your pasta machine.
Open the foil up again.

Look at that beautiful texture!
Every time you wad up the foil, you will find a different pattern on your clay.

Not only is this technique versatile,
it's very inexpensive.


The other tool I love is this little, wooden skewer.
I use the skewer to make dents in the clay,
to poke holes in the clay,
and I use it to add a light texture to my clay.

The best thing about these 
is that 
you can buy a package of
$1 and $2.

So, now that you've seen my favorite tools,
what are yours?

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