Thursday, August 11, 2016

Quick! Make a List! What gives you joy? Write for 3-5 minutes without stopping

The things that give me joy:

my children
attending daily Mass
my dog
the kitties
a good book
working with polymer clay
working with glass
taking a walk on a cool day
writing a great blog post
getting rid of the stuff
Opening the windows on a cool night
watching the rain fall
Hearing the rain on my roof
the first snow fall of the year
working in my garden
long days and short nights
making beautiful beads
giving away my beads
seeing a smile on someone's face
hearing the tree frogs stop croaking after the first frost
walking along the river's edge
seeing parts of the city I have not seen before
learning something new
cooking a good meal
picking tomatoes from the vine
eating a fresh tomato
cuddling with my dog
seeing an old friend
drinking a glass of wine
sleeping well at night

Isn't it amazing all of the things for which we can be grateful?
This is a way to change your thought patterns and it helps to write down and see all that you have that blesses you with joy.

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