Monday, August 8, 2016

The Art of Change

For people like me,
change is difficult at best.
When there is a choice,
I will change after kicking and screaming,
even when it's in my best interest to
Kicking and screaming helps me to release my attachment to the 
Some changes are inevitable.
Aging is inevitable,
and with aging comes
Joints that used to work with no trouble are now working with trouble.
Experiences cause change.
A loved one dies.
A move to a new home or city or state causes change.
We mourn for what we had and loved.
We wonder what will happen in our new location or situation.
Our personalities change.
Sometimes, our accents change.
A relationship ends.
For some, that causes joy, for others, not so much.

Change, by itself, equals a loss of control, and that loss of control takes us away from the sense of comfort we have.
That loss of comfort is a change, but because we loose what we have had, we begin to develop a new awareness of that which we didn't have before.
A new job can bring us challenges that fuel our spirits and bring us joy.
A move to a new city can give us experiences that we were not able to enjoy before.
Life is not without change.
Life cannot happen without change.

There is an art to change.
Change becomes easier when we accept that which we cannot control and surrender ourselves to that change.
This acceptance opens doors for us to explore.
The change might be painful, but the pain means that there is new growth as the old skin is discarded and a new one begins to grow.
Soon, that which was painful, becomes more normal, and the pain begins to decrease.
Through acceptance and surrender, the change begins to bear fruit.

That is the art of change.



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