Saturday, October 4, 2008

Freaky Friday Challenge - on a USA Saturday!

My dear kiwi friend, Deb Batten, of Firebird Flamework and I want to improve our lampworking skills. We have been purchasing many of the tutorials that have been offered by lampwork artists in the lampworking community. We both have ETSY stores. You can find Deb's Etsy Store by clicking on this link. Deb and I both make lampwork beads. We want to produce better beads to feature in our stores. Even though we live thousands of miles apart. She's in New Zealand and I'm in Minnesota in the USA, we have decided to challenge each other weekly by using the tutorials we have purchased and, perhaps, words. (Deb hasn't heart about this yet.) We discussed the challenges and decided that we would have them weekly and report the results in our respective blogs. We decided that we would have to be disciplined, and as one mutual friend of ours state, "You two, disciplined?" Well that's another issue. The plan is now to challenge each other and blog about our results. Deb got to choose this week's challenge. Now, being the type of person who likes to figure things out by herself, Deb did not work with the tutorial I chose. I gave her some basic instructions. Gee, I sure hope I didn't leave anything out! hmmmmm? We shall see what she has produced. The tutorial we chose was the Window Beads Tutorial by Jennifer Geldard. Now, I really do need directions and photos to help me work. Deb will take a look or two at a photo, and go to work on what she wants to produce. I'm anxious to see her results. I made 7 beads. The best one is still soaking in water waiting to be cleaned. However, that doesn't mean that I don't like the results of the others. I genuinely do like the results. Each practice bead was a learning experience for me. I feel like I gained a lot of knowledge and skills are a result of the first week of this challenge. Be sure to check out Deb's blog to see her results. The link is above. Here are my window beads, the back and front, because each side is unique.

This is side one. My two favorite beads are the two beads on the right had side. The red bead I call, "Give Italy the Boot." and the other one, I call "In Utero." I do like all of the beads, but those two are my favorites.

Do you see how each side is unique and different from the other side. I honestly love this type of bead, and I plan to make it many more times. I want to perfect it, but I'm not there yet. Now, I want to see Deb's beads. I hear she etched them. I'm anxious to see her results.

Now, for next week's challenge! It's my turn to choose. This time I'm choosing a word for us to use. Deb has taught me a wonderful Kiwi term that, loosely interpreted, is similar to our expressions of "darn it," or "dang it." I absolutely love the word! I have integrated it itno my vocabulary, and that word is: Bugger! This coming week, I want us to work on "bugger" beads. Okay, Deb, are you ready for this? Bugger. This is next's week's challenge, and I can hardly wait to see the results, both hers and mine.


Deb said...

ROFLMAO!!! I said you were 'sneaksy & tricksy'in my blog post Ms M! & you are!
Bugger indeed!!

I love what you have done with this weeks challenge. I think your favorites are mine too... although I love the black one thrid from the right - oh dear I love them all!!!

Now back to the "Bugger" - I could show you one of my bugger beads right now!!

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Holy Wow, blog change! Hey guys, like your window beads...I got lucky enough to have a class with Jennifer last year. She is as fantastic as her work.

susanlambert said...

Your window beads look great! I hesitate to buy tutorials. Are you liking them?

angelinabeadalina said...

What a great idea, you two! Ms M, I have to say, I like your rich red Italian boot window bead the best, too! I just saw the "Bugger" commercial, so now I can't wait to see next week's beads! Mallory, I think you could make a terrific puppeh dog in the mud bead or maybe the wife hanging clothes bead :)

rosebud101 said...

Susan, I am very pleased with the tutorials I have purchased so far. I weigh them carefully before I buy them. Unlike Deb, who can figure things out, she really can! I need help and photographs to guide me. I've not felt disappointed yet. I do try to keep to the top price range of $15. It would have to be a super fantastic tut to make me pay more money for it, and I'd have to see it first.