Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not Another Church Supper?

No, it's not another church supper, it was a salad luncheon! This is an annual event at Holy Rosary Catholic Church, and something that many of us look forward to attending every year. A craft sale used to be held with this luncheon, but as everyone became busier and busier, the craft sale was discontinued, but the tradition of the salad luncheon continues every year.

Once inside, you see two tables covered with food. There is so much food, you wonder how it will be consumed, yet, every year it is. Very little food is taken home.

Lisa waited for everyone to put their tickets into the basket before we began to help ourselves to the food. Paula and I served ourselves and we sat down.

As we sat, we noticed the traditional mints made by a long time member of the parish.

What a yummy desert!
Paula and I ate our fill today, and it was good. The cooks of our parish make great food! There's nothing like a church supper or a church lunch!


angelinabeadalina said...

Yum! Anything that involves a bunch of different dishes and lots of good friends is my kinda meal,too, Mallory :)

CreekHiker said...

Mallory, Your church event reminds me of my childhood!

I tagged you on my bead blog! Sorry!