Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I joined ETSY BloggersStreet Team!

This is my first time blogging as a member of the ETSY Bloggers Street Team. Each month, as a requirement of being a member of the team, we each need to blog about the Etsy Featured Blogger of the month! Congratulations, Jen! I learned several things about bfbeads. She has two etsy stores dedicated to babies and the needs of babies and their mamas. The store that I found most interesting was Jen's store called "Baby Friendly Beads. In this store, Jen features beads that nursing mamas can use safely as they nurse their babies. The babies love them, too, and they are childproof. Safety is the key for Baby Friendly Beads as is the attractive nature of her bracelets and necklaces that she calls Jewelry for Breast Feeding and Beyond.

Now, Mama's Magic Studio is the place "Where Hand Made Magic Happens." This is a beautiful store, too. This store features unique works of jewelry art. Love it!

Jen seems like an incredibly busy woman! She is mother to two children and a loving, caring wife. She has two etsy stores, and she blogs. Her blog is called: Mama's Magic Studio. Take a look at her blog. I don't think you'll be disappointed.


Paula said...

What a cool idea nursing necklace...very nice.

Jen said...

Hey, glad to see a new Etsyblogger member! Thanks for this great post about my shops. I really appreciate it! It's been so nice to hear what everybody has to say about my stuff. Welcome to the team!