Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Are you Tuff Enough to Wear Pink?

Well, are you? Tough Enough to Wear Pink? I once bought my 6'4" son a shirt that said, "Real men wear pink." Well, I guess that not all real men wear pink because the next time I saw that shirt, Spike was wearing it! The true owner of that shirt would not even take it home with him. I don't know if Nick would be Tuff Enough to Wear Pink, if breast cancer affected our family. He might, then. I don't know. I would hope so. Pink is a symbol of hope, survival, and awareness. We pray that this disease will not touch our lives, but we have no promises. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Most of us have been touched by this disease, whether it be ourselves, our sibilngs, our mothers, grandmothers, or a friend. We all know someone who has had breast cancer. Many of them have survived for long periods of time. Some were unable and succombed to this disease. Now, in October, we remember those we lost. We applaud those who continue to fight. We learn. We schedule our mammograms. We take care of ourselves. Let's find some pink, and in some way or another wear pink one day this month. Be tuff enough. Wear pink.


girlfriday1962 said...

Here Here Mallory! Be Tuff... wear pink... (side note: my DH once painted his tools at work with hot pink handles so none of the other guys would steal them!)

angelinabeadalina said...

Wonderful way to spread the message, Mallory.

P.S. At least Nick touched the pink shirt-- James wouldn't even have been able to bring himself to pick it up to put it on Spike, LOL.

Maggie said...

Guys who are tough enough to wear pink look soooo good. Don't they know that?

There are so many inspirational stories about women who have faced this disease. Such heroes in my minds.

Deronda G said...