Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Exchange Beads? Who Me?

I belong to two lampworking forums. One is called Lampworketc. and the other is called Wet Canvas. Although there are subgroups on both forums, the ones I participate in are the ones that involve making glass beads aka lampworking. Each forum posts challenges and exchanges in which you can choose to participate in or not. I try to participate in as many challenges as I can because I feel that these help to improve my lampworking skills. I also like to participate in exchanges for the same reason + you receive many wonderful beads in exchange for the ones you sent in. When you participate in an exchange, there are certain rules or guidlines. A theme is chosen for the exchange. Then the participants get to work on their beads, send them in to the host/ess who sorts them, and returns different beads to each participant. Although not required, most of the participants include a small hostess gift in their package.

Today, when I went to my mailbox, I found 2 envelopes waiting for me. I rushed in and opened them. Wooo Hoooo! Returns on my exchanges. I opened them with great anticipation, and, I was not disappointed. I received the beads from the Lampworketc Halloween Exchange and from the Wet Canvas Big Hole Bead Exchange. Wow! Talk about fabulous items from talented artists! I was truly blessed.

I received a vessel with hands, a frog bead, a candy corn bead, an eyeball, and a scarecrow! Awesome. Now how fun is that? When you see the skill involved in making each bead, you come to realize what treasures these beads really are. I feel that they are absolutely awesome!

I also participated in an exchange on Wet Canvas in which we exchanged big hole beads. Look at the awesome beads I received in exchange for the ones I sent!

Each bead is unique. Each bead was made by an extremely talented artist. Take a look and drool! Talk about being blessed! Wow! I am lucky! Not only did I receive some wonderful beads from these exchanges, I became a better bead maker. Now, how can you beat that? I make better beads, and, now I own beautiful beads from other fabulous glass artists. Awesome!


Deb said...

Fabulous beads Mallory - it's always great when you get your exchange beads back & the exchanges are such fun!

Maggie said...

Mallory, You are the exchange queen! Great stash of beads and how fun to receive them both on the same day.

Rita'z R-tistic Ramblez said...

Mallory, What a score!!! Getting things from two exchanges on the same day is the best thing I can imagine in a mailbox!!!!