Saturday, December 13, 2008

I keep loosing my torching slippers!

Yes, they are ordinary slippers. They don't have flames on them. They are fairly well worn, but they are my torching slippers, and I keep loosing them!

That's odd, you might think. My response is, "Yes and no." If you knew me well, you would not think that the ability to loose my slippers was strange at all. I am always loosing things around the house only to find them later. For example, the dust cloth. I found that in the refrigerator one day. No, I wasn't dusting the inside of the refrigerator. I was putting away the sour cream, which, by the way, I found with my cleaning supplies. Yes, it was a bit spoiled, but I did find both of the items I had been seeking.

Then, there was the day I lost the keys to my car. I searched the house high and low. I checked the pants I had worn. I checked the pockets. There I found 32 cents in change. I checked the car. I checked the garage. I checked my purse. No such luck Luckily, we have a second set of keys. and I was able to drive my car. This was early spring. Then came one of the first cool days of fall. I left for the store. Came home. There in the left hand pocket was, not only one set of keys, but two. I had put the extra set in there, too. Whew!

Does this explain why I'm not surprised to be loosing my slippers? At first, I thought I had a logical suspect.

He does like to steal my things and hide them where he thinks I won't find them. So I checked the dirt from the plant that he throws on the floor to hide his treats from me. Wait a second, there was no dirt on the floor. So, I checked downstairs where he's been hiding things near my work area. No slippers there. I swear, Spike seemed to just look at me with total amazement in his eyes that I would even consider he might steal my slippers. Well, maybe he didn't steal them, but who would?

Now that there is snow on the ground, I always leave my shoes with heavy treads at the door so that I can slip them on when I leave the house. The first time, I found the slippers by the back door. So, the next time I lost them, I looked there. I do learn quickly. No, the slippers weren't there, but I did find them by the front door. Apparently, I had left them there when I went to get the mail. Now, I knew two places where I could look. The other day, I lost my slippers again. They weren't by the front door, and they weren't by the back door. Where could they be? I looked, but had to use some other shoes to torch in that day. Later, I came up. I don't know how they got there, but they were on top of a cabinet in the entry way. I don't know which I'd rather loose, my torching slippers or my mind. Ooops! I think my mind is already gone. I sure hope I can keep track of those slippers! They keep my feet toasty warm.


Louise said...

I thought Spike might be the suspect too! Glad you found them Mallory, it's hard to torch when something important is missing!

..and don't feel too bad, I poured milk into my teapot on top of the tea the other day ;)

angelinabeadalina said...

Heehee, been there, lost those! Well, mine aren't slippers, but they are a worn out pair of tennis shoes just perfect for slipping onto my feet. Your post just reminded me-- I've been making do with other shoes for a few months now. I wonder where I left them?

P.S. Love the dust towel in the refrigerator! Sounds like something I'd do.

Deb said...

ROFL! I love your memory - perhaps I should tell you of the "jeans fairy" that visited the evening of Kierans 21st party.
My favorite pair of Lee bootlegs were nowhere to be found in my wardrobe - this was ascertained by me eventually emptying the entire contents of said wardrobe on the bedroom floor. At some point in my despair - I may have muttered something along the lines of did we have a freaken jeans fairy now.

They did turn up in time enough to make me late - sharing a hanger with another pair of jeans, & had been overlooked numerous times.

To this day when I can't find something EVERYONE in the house say's "Your jeans fairy has probably taken them Mum" - amidst snorts of barely supressed laughter.