Friday, January 23, 2009

Bits and Pieces of Today

ATTENTION: Before I forget, please have photos for the challenge to me by January 31st. That should give everyone enough time to design something special for this challenge. Thanks. If you are confused, see my post on January 17th, I think!

Bit 1: I met Suzanne, my friend, a former special ed teacher for lunch. Suzanne and I used to share an office when we taught. We used to laugh so much that other teachers would come into our office and ask us to be quiet because we were disturbing their classes. We'd end up trying hard to smother our laughter only to be warned again, that we were going to be sent to the office if we continued, which, of course would send ut into more laughter. Anyway, that was how our day often went. I remember all the laughter and how Suzanne helped me to laugh even when I was ready to cry.

Bit 2: Notice we are both wearing lampwork beads. Suzanne's birthday was earlier in January, and she didn't wear any jewelry today, as she said, "Sort of hoping that I'd remember." Right, Suzanee. She loved her vessel!

Bit 3: We met at the Classic Grille and Bar or vice versa in New Prague, Minnesota.

Bit 4: New Prague is a small town that still has the charm of a small town, but many of the amenities of a bigger city. The Classic Grille is one of those amenities. It has a small town atmosphere, with big town qualities, plus it has great food! We had a great time catching up. It's been a while since we have been able to get together. I'm so glad we did!

Bit 5: After lunch, we went shopping and look what I found! Isn't this an awesome watch? It's so garish, but it's so ME! I knew it had to be mine, and it is!!!!! Thank you, Suzanne, for taking me shopping after lunch.

Bit 5: When I finally got home, Spike demanded attention, of course. How could I go out and leave him for so long. I keep saying that he should be a cat. He was finally happy, and I made supper.

Bit 6: After supper, I looked outside. Look what I saw! This was the perfect ending to a fun filled and exciting day.

Isn't that sunset amazing? Some days are just overwhelming with blessings. Today was one of them. I am so thankful.

End of the bits for the day.


Louise said...

It sounds like a good day Mallory. Friends like Suzanne a real gift.

angelinabeadalina said...

What a fun day you two had! I can look at the picture and just hear the laughter from you and Suzanne, Mallory :) I love that great big chunky watch! It seems to be a fitting souvenir of the day, too-- fun, loud (uh,huh, I can tell from your story about getting shushed at school that you guys make some noise), a celebration of good things.

susanlambert said...

oh you're so lucky to have a good friend like her living near you.
It sounds like a fantastic day.

Rita'z R-tistic Ramblez said...

Mallory, I am so glad you had a chance for such a fun day out, not to mention getting a big blingy watch, too!!! Sounds like you must have had a blast together.