Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nine Dragons at 1000Markets

Sue Choppers of Nine Dragons at 1000Markets was my first contact at that site. Being a newbie, she was able to help me navigate some of the problems I encountered there at the start. Now, I have had a little bit of time to explore her store, I have to admit that I am so impressed with this fabulous artist and her work! The spectrum of Sue's art ranges from oils to sculpture to jewelry. I am amazed and impressed with the shop called ninedragons.

This oil painting is called Alive at 55. It's a self portrait. Look at the fabulous work! There are so many other fantastic oils in her store. I urge you to look. Fanstastic!

This sculpture is called Baby Steps Baby Elephant Art Sculpture. Isn't that fabulous! There is so much more in Sue's store!

This vessel is another example of Sue's art. This vessel is called Red Fabric Baby Bottle. Sue's talent is so versatile! I continue to be amazed and impressed!

Take a look at this stunning piece of jewelry! It's callled Blue Flower Open Bangle. Stunning! I honestly call it jaw dropping!

This piece of wearable art is called Shimmer. Oh, my! That's all I can say. Be sure to visit Sue's store! You won't be sorry!


angelinabeadalina said...

Wow, just Wow. Those sculptures in Sue's shop are so filled with life! Great feature, Mallory!

Sue Choppers-Wife / http://www.1000markets.com/shops/ninedragons said...

Wow, Mallory, thank you so much for this great feature on my work! You know it's been my pleasure to get to know you, I'm so glad you set up shop at 1000 Markets too (and you know I have a thing for your lovely glass vessels teehee)!

Thank you again...what a wonderful way to have my week start off!

Trisha McKendry aka Sun Daisy said...

Gorgeous work!!! That oil painting is so wonderfully done! I'm so impressed. Mallory, you have a great eye for tallent!!

Rita'z R-tistic Ramblez said...

jaw dropping is exactly the way to describe it!!! Wow!! Nice job Mallory!!