Monday, January 5, 2009

I've blogged about this before

Naming beads is another challenge for me. I guess I have another goal to write. So much for going to etsy quite yet to list a set of beads.

This is a bead I made that has been influenced by a fabulous boro artist named Pipyr. She did write a tutorial on how to make her creatures. However, that is one tutorial I didn't buy because her work is done primarily in boro, and I use soft glass to make my beads. I took a chance and decided to try to make my creature without purchasing the tutorial. I used two transparent colors to make my Creature. That helped because transparent colors are a bit more stiff than the opaque colors. This is the result. I really do like my creature, and when I wear it, I always receive compliments.
To make a long story short, this is my creature, but I dont' have a name for it. I'd like to name it. It might be female. Do you see what might be a baby bump near it's tail? I'm not sure, though since I don't know the anatomy of this creature.

This brings me to my goal of developing more creative names for my pieces of work. How am I going to do that?

Goal: To develop more creative names for my beads by January of 2009.
I've given myself a year to accomplish this goal. Again, it's a reasonable amount of time.

1) I will search the internet for creative names.
That is something I am able to do. I have, in the past, found websites that are nothing but names for children and pets. I have also looked at song names. In truth, I have found that creative names attract lookers. By attracting more window shoppers, I am hoping to increase my sales, too.

2) Lately, since my bead naming muse has gone on vacation, I must develop other resources.
You know that when you post comments on a blog, there is often a computer generated series of letters that you must type in to be able to post. Some of these would make great names for beads.
So, in order to develop more interesting bead names, I will write down these computer generated words and play with the words to develop interesting bead names.
Here are some examples that I have been collecting.
Ented, Pesse, Litym, Nonia, Ineurse
I think those could be interesting names for beads.
As I look at my creature, I am thinking Ented might be it's name. What do you think?

3) I will keep a journal of interesting names that I find or develop independently.
That is something I can do.

4) I will use these words to name my beads, if the bead seems to fit the name. That is a bit of a conundrum, isn't it? How will I know? I think the name will feel right.

All right, that is goal two of my 2009 creative goals. I am, again, always open to suggestions on how to achieve these goals. I do like the name Nonia far better than red and blue bead.

I forgot to mention, two artists that I feel are absolutely fabulous at naming beads and scultures are Angelinabeadalina and Deb Batten of FireBirdFlameWork. Check out their etsy stores, and you'll see what I mean.


Deb said...

Aww Mallory - Thank you so much for the compliment. I struggle with names at times.

Some styles are harder to name than others - & some colour combinations seem to be more difficult to find an original name for as well.

I've found that when you say them out loud when looking at the bead - the right one kind of slaps you when you say it - you just know that bead is a 'Nonia' ;o)

The security verification for this comment is 'drizin' - now that could be a cool name as well - I imagine that on an earthy warm coloured organic bead.

Sue Choppers-Wife / said...

You've got this right next to your feed the koi game...and doesn't she look just like a fancy koi? Maybe you could look up some of the names they give koi breeds.

Also you could look up Greek, Egyptian and Roman mythology names...a lot of them are fantastical deep sea creatures and that's the first thing I thought of when I saw this piece. Sort of an exotic jellyfish.

Or you could make things sound Latin by adding 'tus' and 'num' at the Blue Tail Lavatus (because it looks like a drop of molten lava with a tail)

Just some more thoughts to confuse you lol!

angelinabeadalina said...

Mallory, you're so kind! Thank you for the compliment :) I'm thinking I like Nonia for this bead. Since you mentioned it, I did my favorite thing to do-- googled it. One thing I found was that Nonia was the name of a Roman emperor's wife. Interesting. She is a lovely bead, and would still be a lovely bead if you wanted to call her Red and Blue bead, ya know? Oh, hey, Red and Blue could be shortened to R&B, and that brings up more possibilities for your name collection.

I'm with Deb. When you've found the right name, you just know it. Sometimes my sculptures refuse to let me know their names for months!

Trisha McKendry aka Sun Daisy said...

One of the best tips in naming beads came from Belinda, she suggested looking at names of paint colors. When I'm stuck that's where I go look =)

Super cool bead. I love the unusuallness (is that a word?) of it.