Monday, July 27, 2009

Some of My 10,000 Favorite Etsy Stores

Well, I'm not sure that Etsy has 10,000 stores, but if they did, the stores that I will showcase would be among my favorite 10,000!

Of course, as a very proud mom, I have to show you Jenny's store first! She's an astounding photographer! Her store has lots of cards for you to use! You won't be disappointed. Here's Illuminated!

These beads are from Deb Batten's store: Firebird Flame Work. The gorgeous beads are called:

Petrified Desert - Accent Disks and Rounds Lampwork 21 Bead Set, SRA

Right Turn Artwerks, curated by Sharon Driscoll, is a fabulous store full of brightly colored beads, both sculptural and, somewhat, traditional.

These are Baby Skulls, and Sharon makes them by special order.

Now, how about a visit to Sydney Austin Designs?

This gorgeous necklace is called: Peppermint Necklace. Be sure to check out her other items.

Last, but not least, comes from Plays With Fire, a store curated by Patty Lakinsmith. Patty has some fabulous items in her store, including tutorials, and this great brooch.

This fabulous piece of wearable art is called:

Pink Lipped Lil Green Meanie Brooch!

Aren't these store great! Take some times and visit! You won't be disapointed.


Maggie said...

Must resist! Love Etsy and you picked out some great shops. I just got Jenny's Little Dancer cards today. LOVE THEM! She sent an extra as well, the vase that you are showing. It's very stunning.

Deb said...

Wonderful choices Ms M...although one of them is a bit dodgy, looks like old stuff ;o)
I have some of Jenny's cards & they are lovely - so lovely that I don't like to use them (so people have to make do with post it notes instead).

I love Sharons bright & colourful Baby Skulls & the Peppermint necklace by Sydney Austin Designs (I just adore red, black & white together).

Patty's Lil' Green Meany brooch is just outstanding -lol! Every time I see those I think "Feeeed meeee Seymor".

Thanks so much for featuring me amongst all of this wonderful talent!