Saturday, July 18, 2009

What do you see when you see a lentil?

One of my favorite bead presses to use is my lentil press. There are many different types of presses available on the market. The one that I am using now is made by Cattwalk tools. I'm actually using Catt's button press as my lentil press, and I love it! You can see from the photo that this press has had a bit of use! To make a long story short, one day, as my muse sunbathed near the Adriatic Sea, or where ever she was, I decided to see what I could make with my lentil press.

#1) a pretty bead

#2) The alien in each of us!

#3) An eye bead

#4) A cheese pizza

#5) A Big Fat Cupcake

#6) A Cherry Pie

Now, what do you see when you see a lentil? More to come much later.


Deb said...

Cool beads Ms M!
My favorite is the the Cherry pie.

When I see a lentil - I see Dahl ;o)
Hot, curried & accompanied heaps of garlic naan.....

Hmm I'm thinking the wrong type of lentil....must be hungry

angelinabeadalina said...

I like the cheese pizza! And I see a very creative glass melter :)

Jyl said...

LOVE the eye bead! That is so cool...and here I thought lentils were for eating.