Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blog Give Away! Nubs!

I have decided to have another blog give away. This time, I'm giving away a jar of my nubs! If you know me, when it comes down to glass, I want to use every little bit of glass. I have done many things using my nubs, but this time, I am going to give away a jar of my nubs. All you have to do to win is to guess how many nubs are in this jar. I'm going to show you 3 views of the jar and tell you that it is a pint glass jar. It's the kind you use when you make jelly. I will also tell you that there are no spectacular types of glass in the jar. They are scraps from Vetrofond and Moretti glass nubs.

To win, just enter your guess on this blog. I will choose the winner in a week, on November 3. I will announce the winner on November 4. So, go ahead, just enter a guess. It's that easy.

View #1 -------------------------------------------------------->

View #2 ---------------------------------------------------------->

View #3---------------------------------------------------------->

Now, I also realize that not all my readers are glass people. I also realize that even if you are a glassy person, you might not want my nubs, so I have an alternative give away, if you don't want my nubs. (It's okay if you don't.) I made a bead from my nubs. That is my alternate give away. If you win, and would like the bead instead of the nubs, you may choose that. It's up to you.

Here are 3 views of the bead.

View #1 -------------------------------->

View #2 ------------------------------>

View #3------------------------------->

So, if you win, will you choose the NUBS or the BEAD? Good luck! I hope someone comments!


Moon Katty Studios said...

I love nubs! They are useful little bits. I hate wasting glass. I use every last bit, unless it's burned or mucked up with bead release. I'm gonna guess, 421 nubs in that jar.

Pretty Things said...

Nubs! Pretties! Nubbly bits!

Wow. I stink at counting jelly beans in jar, so I'll likely stink at this, too.

Um. 230?

Anyway, whoever gets that jar will have a lot of fun with it!