Friday, December 18, 2009

Look What Came in the Mail!

And it was wrapped so beautifully! Look at that bracelet! Isn't it gorgeous!!!!

Thanks, Erin, from Treasures Found-Inspiration is Everywhere. Erin is hosting challenges in her blog. The rules are simple. Using the theme, make a piece of jewelry.

The first challenge was:
Seek inspiration in the hardware store.
The second challenge was:
Your Grandma's jewelry box.
(That's the one where I became the winner of the random drawing.)
The current challenge is:
Your sewing box. I'm still working on my entry for that one.

These challenges have been a growth experience for me. Thank you, Erin, not only for hosting these challenges, but for helping me to see that Inspiration is everywhere. I'll never look at a hardware store, a jewelry box, or my sewing box again in the same way. You've helped me grow in ways I never would have thought I could grow.

Anyway, back to my prize. The packaging was beautiful! I almost hated to open the box and the ribbon. Gorgeous!

Erin also included a copy of Bead Star. She's featured in this magazine. I can hardly wait to take the time to read this magazine completely! Again, thank you Erin!

I plan to wear this a lot, not only during the holiday season, but well into the New Year! I am so thrilled!!! Can you tell?

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TesoriTrovati said...

Oh Miss Mallory! I swear to you that I have tears in my eyes! You have made me so proud I am all goose-bumpy! What really did me in was not that you liked it...the packaging, the bracelet, magazine...but that you say that you have truly found inspiration everywhere and that you will never look at those places again in the same way. That is what tickles me to no end. So thank you, Miss Mallory... you are my "something special" today!
Enjoy the day!