Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pixie Visits the School Sisters of Notre Dame

Pixie and I made a visit to the Mother House of the School Sisters of Notre Dame today. This is the place where the sisters who have served so vigorously in their roles as teachers, counselors, and workers in the community go when they retire. To use the word retire is a misnomer. The Mother House is such an active place, I get tired just watching these women work! They just don't seem to slow down until they are physically unable to serve any more.

Today, Pixie got to meet several of the nuns. It was an experience that everyone seemed to enjoy. Pixie is looking around. She wanted to check everything and everyone out.

Sister Sharon Keefe is the one who is holding her leash. She's my "sister friend." We became acquainted about 10 years ago when the Sister Friend program began. Sister Sharon has slowed down, but she continues to bring much joy to those around her.

Sister Mary came down to visit Pixie, too. Pixie had quite an adventure meeting all of these new humans! She felt that they should tell her how much they loved her, and they did!

Sister Mary Kay Ash, an absolute dog lover, enjoyed meeting Pixie, too! Pixie came home well socialized and very, very tired!

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Genie Sea said...

What a lovely visit bringing joy to Pixie and to the good sisters, as I'm sure to you as well! What a wonderful undertaking :)