Thursday, December 9, 2010

It doesn't matter what Christina makes, she's good at whatever she does!

Christina used to be a lampworker.
I have to say, I am so sorry that she no longer makes glass beads,
but now, she has become an avid quilter, jewelry designer, and photographer.
She also has an Etsy store, now, and in it, are some of her fabulous stitched items.
Before we go there,
I want to direct you to Christina's blog.
Be sure to click on the "follow" link.
You will enjoy reading Christina's blog as much as I do!
I've "known" Christina for about 4 years.
She's one of my many online friends that I have never met.
I have to say, that I am also the proud owner of one of her lampwork lizard vessels!
It's one of my treasures!
Anyway, back to the subject,
Christina's Etsy store, CM Homemade.
Her store is rich in homemade, sewn items.
Take a look at this.

Virginia Tech fans, need a great gift for the VT enthusiast?
You can go right here and find this scarf.
Notice the photography.
Christina is good!
I love pink, and so does Christina!
This warm scarf is featured in her store,
with a great story to go with it.
You can find it here.
This would make a great gift for that special someone who loves pink and wants to be warm.
If you order now, it will still get to you before Christmas.

Need a hat for one of the little ones in your household?
This hat comes in two different sizes.
It sure looks like a fun one to wear to me!
You can find the larger size here.

If I were going to have a baby, I would kill for this bag!
It's a comfy place to lay baby, a changing blanket, and a place to carry those much needed items when baby goes out to visit.
The Pack Play Change Baby Tote would make a great gift for that new mom or expecting mom.
Didn't I tell you,
whatever Christina does,
she does well.
Visit her blog and her store.
You won't be sorry you did!


Pretty Things said...

How sweet of you to feature her!

One of my favorite lampworkers no longer does it, either, and my heart just sank.

Beadwright said...

It is one reason why I hoard certain art beads. You never know what might happen to the artist.

It's me again! momo said...

Mallory I LOVE YOU! I know I don't say that often enough to my friends. You are a wonderful breath of fresh air ;) I appreciate you taking all the time to feature me in your blog. You are a true gem! Sparkly, wonderful, beautiful and everlasting.
Thank you again, I think my Yoga class tonight will be even more wonderful knowing I have such a great person in my life.
Hugs and smooches to you and Pixie!

rosebud101 said...

It's my pleasure, Christina!!!

Manuela said...

Mallory dear, you are such a Sweetie to feature so many wonderful people and let us know about so much beauty. Big thanks and a winterhug to you ♥,