Monday, December 27, 2010

Artisitic Growth - Christmas in New Zealand and Christmas in Minnesota

have challenged ourselves to grow artistically using different mediums for growth.
Our first challenge was to use copper in a non jewelry item. Click here to see that blog.
Then, if you want to see the Reveal, click here.

Knowing that December is a busy month,
Deb and I decided that we would use our cameras to record our Christmas events.
Not only that, we would have a wonderful bit of history to keep for years to come!

Deb lives in New Zealand.
I live in Minnesota.
At this time, we are in opposite seasons.
Deb is in summer.
I am in winter.
Our landscapes, our foods, our activities reflect these differences.

Here in Minnesota, we are COVERED in snow.
This year, there is SNOW EVERYWHERE!

Icicles are forming.

Critters leave footprints in the snow.

The mailbox is almost buried in snow.
The colors of the landscape are like these almost everyday in the winter.

Jenny came home with her kitties.

These are the kitties.

Pixie endures the kitties, and she stays on her couch.

Nick came home, too.
It was a great joy to have both of the kids home!

We added a few more decorations.
The red looks great on the wooden trees.

We lit a fire.

"Santa" brought presents and put them under the tree.

We set the table with the Christmas dishes.
The food was cooked, and we sat down to eat.

Jenny made some green beans and peppers.

Jenny also made black bean enchiladas.
There was baked ham.

We also had baked beans.

This was one delicious meal!
Gifts were fun and practical.
I'm not sure Nick was impressed with his toothpaste!

Family, food, blessings.
What could make Christmas better?
Not much. Not much at all!
Be sure to visit Deb's blog to see her photo essay about her Christmas celebration!


girlfriday1962 said...

That is a great post Mallory! The photos say it all!

Deb said...

Great post Mallory. It looks as though you had a cold, but fun, Christmas :)