Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nicki's Reef on Etsy A Store you will Love to Discover!

When you visit Nicki's Reef on Etsy,
You will find a peaceful place to shop!
In Nicki's own words,
"Jewelry to make you feel like you just dove into the ocean, refreshing and peaceful, renewing and energetic, soft, colorful and reef-like. Nicki's-Reef-like!"
This is so true, so very, very true.
This is a polymer pendant!
Isn't this amazing!
Nicki calls this pendant: Rectangle Waves.
Can you feel the movement of the water and see the beach?
I love it!

Greek Nights!
Look at this beautiful necklace.
Can't you just feel the water swirling around your feet?
The beads are ocean blue.
The wire work is all handmade by Nicki!
This Oval Polymer Pendant
reminds me of the meeting of the earth and water.
Absolutely gorgeous!
I love what Nicki does with this medium!
Doesn't this pendant remind you of a drawing on the sand waiting for the next wave to come in?
This is another example of Nicki's beautiful work!
I love this heart!
And, if you want to read Nicki's blog, click here.
You won't be sorry!


Deb said...

Nicki's store is lovely. The perfect place to visit for a fresh approach :)

rosebud101 said...

Isn't it something new and wonderful! I love Nicki's innovative techniques for making jewelry!

Nicki said...

Mallory, thank you so much. This is so nice of you. Take care.