Thursday, December 30, 2010

Word for 2011: Detail

My life word is: Hope!
My work word is: Detail!
I have been told that some of my work is not as "detailed" as others. In 2011, I plan to change that.
As I look around Etsy at some of my favorite bead artists,
I notice the "detail" in their work.
For example,
Look at Marcy Lamberson's work.
Here's an angel in her shop.
Notice the detail.
She holds a small blue bird in her hand.
Her dress has dots.
Her wings have creases.
Her cheeks are pink, and she wears a green halo.
Isn't Tansy sweet?
Like Oprah says, "It's all in the details."
And she's right!
Skully in Love is from Sharon Driscoll's store,
Right Turn ArtWerks.
Notice Skully's details.
His face is full of hearts.
The hearts are different colors and sizes.
His teeth are wide but perfectly spaced.
Each decoration on Skully adds a bit more detail to his face.
He is Skully in love!

This little ewe is from Nikki, aka Sheep Goddess aka NLC Beads.
She is a Blue Suede Sheep.
Each dot is topped with another blue suede dot.
Her ears are turned over.
She has a nose and eyes that just say, "Love me!"
She is simple, but very complicated.
Each dot adds a detail.
Look at this sweet 'gator from MayBeads' shop.
This gator has toe nails. He has nostrils and a mouth.
Little green dots are his scales.
His hat has pom poms.
His eyes say, "Take me home!
Yes, it's all in the details.

Meet Melvin from Paula's store, Island Top Glass Art.
Again, details.
Notice the little pocks on his cheeks.
His tongue hangs out of his mouth like he's panting.
His snout is creased.
His eyes beg you to rub his ears, which are each a different color.
I look forward to adding more detail to my minimalist beads.
All right: Hope and Details.
Welcome 2011!


Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Hi Mallory, I like that you have focus words and "detail" is a great one. I look forward to seeing what you do with your glass art and how it morphs into showing more details in 2011.

And thank you for including Tansy in your examples. There's a story behind her...I'll write you.

Happy New Year to you,

Paula said...

You know you and Oprah are right Mallory it's all in the "detail" something I could do more of also. Thanks for including me with all these great lampwork artists and making me think more about detail also. BTW speaking of detail, you need to blog about your FlameGlass Tree entry you did an outstanding job!

TesoriTrovati said...

I love LOVE that you have both a life word and a work word. I think that is a great idea (and I may co-opt that from you!). And I love that you have these great mentors to guide you on your journey.
Enjoy the day!

Maybeads said...

Mallory, that's a great work word for 2011 - I like how you think! There are so many little things you can do to beads that add up to a whole lot of detail. One of my favorite ways of adding bursts of detail is by putting your handmade murrini and shards on my beads. Talk about a simple yet effective way of adding interest to a bead.
Thank you so much for including my poor gator who missed Christmas with all these wonderful beads from artists I drool over.
Happy New Year!

nikki said...

Thanks for including my Blue Suede Ewe... But please don't put your own work down, the set I have of ivory, silvered ivory, and blue crunched is wonderful. Be proud to be yourself, lose yourself in melting glass, and have fun - safely. ;)

I agree with Lauren, too, your shards and murrini are marvelous! Thank you so for making and sharing them!

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Hi Mallory - Late to the party! thank you for your inclusion in this wonderful set of lamp workers. You know me, it's like detail is my middle name. I think it was Cindy Jenkins that used to say, " It ain't done till it's overdone". Hahahaha. You are just the best my friend.

I too wait to see what new inspiration will bring to you in 2011. I think it's going to be a great year!