Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday - More on my table today, I mean yesterday, well you know what I mean!

She started it!
Heather Powers, I mean.
She started it!
What did she start?
Bead Table Wednesday!
What's on your bead table on Wednesday?
Since I usually write my blog the day before,
I'll just have to show you what was on my bead table yesterday.

Let's start with these beads.
I have been needing to sort these beads for a long time.
Pile #1: Beads for Beads of Courage
Pile #2: Beads to keep for give away and jewelry making.
Pile #3: Throw away.
This was my unsorted pile.
Now, I have beads for BOC, for me, and the garbage collection grew!

It's that pile of fabric, ribbons, organza, thread, needles, scissors, felt.
Since I am getting ready for a show this month,
I set the goal of 15 corsages
for the show.
I am proud to say,
I now have reached that goal!
The color really helped to boost my mood.

I, personally think, that these will be scattered all over my table to add some much needed color!
They are so much fun!
I absolutely love them!
They will be fun to wear!
I plan to wear one on the day of the show!
How fun!

So, that's what was on my bead table yesterday.
What's on yours today?

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