Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

She started it!
Bead Table Wednesday, of course!

This week,
there's not much on my table,
but what's there is very important.

These ingredients, when mixed together will be my charms for the
2011 Charming Adventure Charm Exchange
on Lampworketc
that Deb Batten and I are hosting.

Since the charms are due at my house the first week of April,
I think that I had better get to work, or I'll hold everything up! Yikes! There's still plenty of time! They will get finished before the due date!
Anyway, that's what's on my bead table.
What's on yours?


somethingunique said...

Good morning, your bead table looks very pretty,hope your adventure is cahrming! ttfn ;)

BooBeads said...

I'm not part of BTW but yours looks much nicer than mine!

I'm currently swamped in projects for beadstar, a few custom orders, and just trying to get stuff made for my shop.

My table is a HOT MESS!