Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weekly Photo Challenge - Ocean

This photo topic was a very tricky one.
If you live in Minnesota,
You have to travel East or West, a great distance,
to visit either of the great oceans.
The challenge then became to interpret this topic.
The oceans are hundreds of miles away.
I'm not even near an aquarium other than at the local pet store.
Today was not a day to visit the store.
Think out of the box.
The web site listed 3 definitions for ocean.
I am using #3.
A great expanse or amount.
Tell me how you think I have interpreted this challenge.
I have an ocean of packages for the charm exchange on my table.
There was an ocean of snow this winter.  It is now beginning to melt. 

Today, we had an ocean of clouds in the sky!

We have an ocean of dirty snow left over from the snowiest winter in years!

Today, we had an ocean of bright sun light flooding the skies.


Where do you find your oceans?
Are you lucky enough to live near an ocean?

1 comment:

Deb said...

A great shot of the packages & I think you have interpreted the word well - to take the "Ocean" theme even further you could recognise the fact that some of them have come from across the ocean ;)

The other photos are great too - but I'm ignoring the cold we are about to start experiencing!!