Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meet Loriola, One of my 10,000 Favorite Lampwork Bead Makers! I Love Her Work!

Browsing through Lori's store is no easy task because I want to stop and shop until I drop with each item.
It's going to be tough, but someone has to do it!
I love her work, and I am the proud owner of some of her bones.
You'll see what I mean later.
This heart is one of my favorites in Lori's shop.
She calls it Frozen Heart Iced Blueberry!
Love it!
Even though I am really, really, really sick of winter in Minnesota,
I'd still wear this heart.
It's so beautiful!

Here's Lori's little birdie.
It's been publicly copied, but never duplicated.
Isn't it sweet?
You can order it in many different colors.
Just be sure to read the description.

Lori's Silvered Heart Healing is another of my favorites!
It's been so hard to get off the first page when you know there are so many other fabulous items in her store!
When you check out Lori's store,
be sure to go beyond the first page, okay?

Here's one of Lori's famous bones.
They really are famous, too!
She calls this one Encrusted Bone.
Isn't it awesome?
Look at the Toggle Clasp.
Isn't that the greatest?
What a wonderful detail to add!
My necklace looks very similar.
I love it!

Talk about gorgeous acorns!
This is absolutely beautiful!
Lori is a fantastic bead maker,
her work shows her love of bead makings!
All I can say is WOW!

All right,this was just a brief tour of Lori's (Loriola on Etsy) store.
Take your time when you tour Lori's store.
You won't be disappointed!


somethingunique said...

Thanks for sharing Loriola's wonderful lamp work art with us, it is very beautiful, i too love lamp work. I start my lessons tom. that i received for my b-day. Have a great day! ;)

Miss Val's Creations said...

Loriola's beads are amazing! my favorite has to be the healing heart. It is so unique! ~Val

rosebud101 said...

Lori's beads are very special! I'm a groupie of hers!

Beadwright said...

All the glass is great,however, I love the bone!!!

My Life Under the Bus said...

I think I am drooling on myself! LOL - Gorgeous!!! Thank You for your swwet words! XO Patty