Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

She started it!
Heather Powers!
Bead Table Wednesday.

All right, it's time to show you what's on my bead table.

Whoa, nothing!
And what's with two tables?
Let me explain.

Oh, this picture isn't her except to show you that I was thinking so much about this blog,
I didn't even notice that Pixie was in the picture!
Isn't she cute?

All right, time to get serious.
I'm getting ready for a bead show a week from Friday.
I just bought these tables, and I wanted to set up a bit to see what I need and make a list.
Since I don't remember if the space is 6 feet long or 8 feet long,
I decided to set up for 6 feet for now.
Remember the basket I found at the thrift store.
It's still in the process of transforming.
I found a crate at JoAnn's.
I plan to hang necklaces off of them

I added trays for focals, and brought over the tiny dishes for spacers.

I knew I forgot a couple of things--discs, sets, and pins.
I was concerned that the pins would overwhelm the table, but, now, I don't think so.

Remember that bright orange thing? That's my list. Actually, that's the start of my list.
More to be added as the week goes on.

Then it was upstairs to my real bead table to make signs.
Well, that was my intent, but I've changed my mind.
They just didn't turn out like I had hoped, so it's, literally,
back to the drawing board.

Next time I set up,
I have to set up for an 8 foot space.

So, what's on your bead table today?


Miss Val's Creations said...

I love the use of the crate! With 2 cats, my bead table is always clear unless I am in the room working with the door shut. I can't trust my crazy felines!!! ~Val

Maggie said...

Looks like you are getting there and you are well organized. Hope it all works out and your display is amazing!

Anonymous said...

don't forget to show us the final display; would love to see it.

rosebud101 said...

I plan to take some photos on set up day. Hopefully, what's in my head will translate to the table!

Maybeads said...

I just love the picture with Pixie - too cute! Good luck in your show, Mallory!