Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Arggghhhhh! Me Booty from the Beach Exchange on Lampwork Etc!!!

It was a fun exchange!
It was a beach themed exchange.
I had forgotten that packages were on the way.
You know how fun it is to open the mailbox and see an unexpected package there for you.
Well, that's exactly what happened.  
Wooo Hooo!
And here's me booty, Mate!

This is a group shot!

I love this bead!  The star fish is hand pulled murrini!  Wow!

I love this fish!!!
Look at those lips!!!

What would a beach exchange be without a bobber?
Isn't this fun?

She sells sea shells!  You should see this in person!
Love it!

Another fun fish!!!  All is all,
Arghhh, Matey!
This was fun!
I got some great booty, too!


Anonymous said...

That was a great exchange!

Maggie said...

Nice catches of the day!