Monday, April 16, 2012

Ten Things about Pixie Marie you might or might not know

1) Pixie was the name she had when she came into my life.  I added the Marie because I thought Pixie, by itself, sounded a bit, shall we say, "slutty."

2) When Pixie's old couch and love seat got too old and were falling apart, I bought HER a new set.  When the delivery men were here to take away her old couch and love seat, Pixie ran upstairs for two days.  She was traumatized because her couch and chair were taken away from her.

3) Pixie loves to pose for pictures, when she's in the mood!  This photo shows a time when she was not in the mood.  There will be other days.

4) The first morning after Pixie and I became friends, she got up off her bed and came to my side of the bed.  I woke up to see those beautiful eyes looking at me.  I said, "Do you need to go potty?"  She bit my nose!  I think she did!!!

5) When Pixie and her distant cousin Walter (Jenny's cat) get together, Pixie does whatever Walter will allow her to do.  If he lets her sleep on the bed, she's fine with that.  If he lets her get on the couch he's not using, then she's fine with that.  Who ever thought that this 70 pound dog would be bossed around by a 7 pound cat?

6) Pixie loves junk food!  The junkier the better!

7)  When she goes with me to Pet Expo, Pixie ignores me.  She puts on a sad face, and she convinces all of her "friends" there that she gets no love, no food, and, above all, NO TREATS at home!  When leave she's been loved, given any food they have, and lots and lots of treats!  She sleeps well when we come home.

8)  When the other hounds are at Pet Expo, Pixie runs to greet them.  After the appropriate sniffing, she forgets about the dog and seeks out all of her friends, the human kind, there.  She really wants treats, and she gets them!

9) I bought Pixie a Thunder shirt.  She loved to wear it.  When it began to smell, I knew I had to take it off of her and wash it.  Whenever I tried to get her thunder shirt off of her, she'd run away.  One day, I did it, I got the shirt off of her.  Pixie snapped at me!  She doesn't snap at anyone!  She just loved her shirt! 

10) When I play the greyhounds rooing on YouTube, Pixie joins in the roo.  It's fun to watch and listen to her!  She's doing it right now!


Kokopelli said...

I love Pixie! She's too funny and cute!

TesoriTrovati said...

I love you Pixie Marie! I want to give you a big hug. You too, Miss Mallory! Thank you for always sharing her with us! Enjoy the day.

Shaiha said...

Was Pixie Marie a retired greyhound? I have really thought about adopting one but I have cats so it was advised against.