Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Photo Worth More than a Thousand Words

Isn't this photo beautiful?
Can you imagine the love they must share?
Do you see it in their faces?
Well, that would be hard to see no matter how hard you looked at this photo.
No, I did not take this photo. 
Cheri Lucas took this photo.
She has an eye for the simple drama of life.
Look at the texture in the stairs.
Look at the geometry of the train tracks against the texture of the stairs.
Look at the color of the background against the grays of the foreground.
The young couple who captures the eye of the viewer are beautiful and in love.
I wonder if their love will last as long as the love I see in the background?
Do you see that elderly couple by the trolley?
Do you see their love?
Hugs, kisses?
They are climbing the stairs together, 
helping each other out.
This is the love I see.
This is love through the ages.
They don't even appear to be smiling,
but they are helping each other walk across time and up the stairs.

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