Monday, January 14, 2013

Polymer Clay, Religious Art, and Me

Sunday is usually my play day with clay.
So, after going to my neighbor's and watering their plants,
I went upstairs and pulled out he clay.
I decided to practice with some religious art.
Oh,  I also worked with wire a bit, too.

The Cross is always a religious symbol I love.
I added some texture and some silver leaf to the clay.
I like the wooden look, but I do need to add a patina. 
I'll show these pieces after they are finished.
Here are some closeups of the texture in these crosses.

I used a strip tool to add the texture.

I tried different textures.
Which texture do you like best?

This heart symbolizes the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 
It is influenced by Mexican artists.
Again, a patina is needed.
The roses on the edge of the heart are roses to represent
Mary, the Mother of God.

I made this cross from copper wire. 
I think it needs more work, but I'm not sure what I will add.
Any suggestions?


Sharon Driscoll said...

I LOVE the wooden ones. Those are truly inspired Mallory and I think you should make more. Look up Mexican Shrines and think about making some. What are you considering selling them for?

Now the copper one - I'd take the silver off. I'd consider adding orphan beads or tons of junk drawer stuff wrapped in it until it was heafty. See Brut Art on line and you'll get the idea.

Good work

rosebud101 said...

Thanks, Sharon, those are great suggestions!!!!