Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So one day, I was browing Pinterest..

and I found a photo with the caption
Make a Sharpie Mug
Hmmmmmmmm, I wondered.

I wish I could show you the photo, but it didn't work, so
for the photo and tutorial.
It's the first one.

I went looking for a mug.
Luckily, the thrift store had a huge sale on everything in the store--
Two for the sale price!
My sale price was 25 cents for two!
So, I tried it,
it worked!!!
Here are the results!

 The tutorial worked!!!!

Now, I plan to go looking at the
Dollar Store for better cups and mugs.
Oh, btw, I did 
Handwash the mugs.
I haven't tried them in the dishwasher, but I will.  
This could be fun.



Lois Moon said...

I'm so glad you tried this one because I've been thinking about it. I may be a voracious beader, but I'm a lazy crafter in all other areas.

Celeste Kemmerer said...

I'm glad it worked. I've heard mixed reviews about this project and I really want to try it.