Sunday, January 6, 2013

I'm Back!!!

No, this is not a new makeup I'm using.  Seems like I have something in common with Hilary Clinton now.  Due to some dehydration + being sick + this that and the other, I fainted at 2 AM, hit my head and now, I have a huge black eye.  You can see my nose is still red.  That's from whatever viral thing I've had.  So, now, I think I finally feel better!!!  I'm back in the world of the living.  So, off we go!!!  See you more this week!!!!


Jane Perala said...

Yikes!! That's some shiner you have. Hope all goes well from now on.

susanc said...

Oh no ~ that's not good. :( I hope you are okay and that you start feeling better soon. That eye looks very sore. xxx

Kokopelli said...

OMG, that looks terrible! I hope you feel better soon. ((((hugs))))