Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!!!!

I like the idea of saving the earth.
How do you do it?
Here are some ideas that might help you.

This is a reusable sandwich bag.
Isn't that cute?
to have a look at this!

Like this necklace?
I do.
It's made from milk jugs.
to see it.

Ever heard of seed bombs made from recycled papers?
I hadn't, but I love these!
to see more of these.

 You can even find earth day beauty products!
to see this.

How about a very unique lampshade?
to see more.

Happy Earth Day!!!

1 comment:

Kokopelli said...

Oh great, this sandwich bag is washable! I've seen lots of them and most aren't washable, one only can clean them with a damp cloth and that is....disgusting, when it comes to food.