Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to Make a Scarf in under twenty Minutes - Easy Peasy

I love wearing scarves.
Since I fell and conked my head on the ice,
I have developed areas on my neck that show the blood draining.
I decided to cover those areas up with a scarf.
Here's a quick and easy way to make one in under twenty minutes.

Here's what you need.
You need 1/4 yard of fabric.  I like to use knits that don't ravel.
You need thread, needle, and a pair of scissors.

Knot your thread and stitch the edge of the fabric across to the end.

Pull the thread to gather the fabric into a rosette.
Knot the thread.
Wrap the thread around the rosette and make two knots to hold the fabric.

Woo Hooo!!! 
You're done.
You have a new scarf in less than 20 minutes!

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