Monday, October 21, 2013

Can you stand it? How about another tutorial that's easier than easy peasy! Fingerless Gloves and you only need 2 things....

You need a pair of clean, long socks,
a pair of scissors.
This pair took me about 5 minutes.
I bought socks at the dollar store.  
You can use a clean pair of old socks, too.

Lay the socks on top of each other.

Using you scissors, cut off the toes.

Cut off the heels.
Now, I didn't proceed beyond this point, but you can.
Fold the edges over and stitch a small hem on your socks where you made your cuts.
Mine work just fine without the stitching.

These gloves keep my hands and arms warm.
The socks go above my elbows.
I was finished in five minutes.
These gloves are beyond easy peasy!!!

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