Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I was inspired by this tutorial...

I loved this tutorial when I saw these 
Wired Pumpkins.
They are non-tradtional, edgy, and fun!
I found the tutorial on how to make these
I made three of them!
I loved them, but, when I put them on my table,
I couldn't see them.
So, what to do?  What to do?

Here's one of mine.
I think it looks great against this background,
on my table...not so great!
I made a bead mix from some size 6 seed beads.

I pulled out some 26g brass wire,
I strung beads on the brass wire.
I wrapped segments of the dark annealed wire with the brass wire with beads, and,
 Just enough color, and the pumpkin is still edgy, 
I can see it on my table now!

Now, my question for you is this.
Do you ever change the free tutorials you find on the web or do you leave them as they are.
If I could have seen my pumpkins on my table, I would have left them as is.
I do like these pumpkins a little bit more now.
Truly, a lot more now!

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