Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Soap! I have A LOT of Soap!

This is honey oatmeal soap, and it smells HEAVENLY!!!!!!

It's in my Etsy store along with several other soaps.

Here's a list of my soaps.

1) To see the honey oatmeal soap,


2)  To see the Mint Eucaluptus soap, click

3)  To see, and I wish you could smell, the rose scented soap, click

4)  To see the Milk Chocolate Fudge Soap, click HERE. (This really smells like chocolate.  I used cocoa in it!)

5) To see the Unscented Soap, Click HERE.

6) To see the Rosemary Scented Soap, Click HERE.

7) To see the Summer Flowers Soap, Click HERE.

8) To see the Chocolate Mint Soap, Click HERE.

All of my soaps are vegetarian made.  I use organic materials when I can find them.  No matter, these soaps are the best that I have used in a long time.  I love them!  If you would like to purchase any of my soap, and if you would like to purchase more than two bars, it would be beneficial to contact me so I can make a special listing for you and we can put your purchases in a flat rate envelope.  It will be less expensive for you that way!  Enjoy!

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