Wednesday, October 23, 2013

When you hit that Proverbial Creative Wall with a Hard Smack, Here's What To Do...

When You're Stuck

1) Don't just stare, do something.  It doesn't matter what, but DO SOMETHING!

2) Change your routine. Do you normally feel more creative in the morning hours?  Change your work time to the afternoon.  The light is different.  The shadows are different.  You will see a world with new ideas.  If you work in the living room, move to the kitchen.  If you work in the kitchen, move to the bedroom.  If you can't move your creative space, choose a color palette that is new, and work with that.  Use your imagination, and change something about your work habits.

3) Change focus of creativity.  Do you work with polymer clay?  Draw or paint for a few days, instead.  Work with glass, make polymer clay figurines.  If you haven't got the supplies to change what you do, limit what you can use of your supplies.  For example, work only with black and white or red and purple.  Make yourself work outside of your normal box.

4) Make a list of 5 things you need to do and 5 things you want to do.  For every "need" accomplished, reward yourself with the uniterrupted time to do 2 things you "want" to do, or reward yourself with an hour of free time.  After that, go back to your need to do list.

5) Take a walk and take pictures as you walk.   When you edit your photos, randomly chose an "aspect" and change that a little more.  Post your photos in a "notebook" for color or texture or shape.  Refer to these when you need inspiration.
6)  Sit in a quiet room with a notebook and pen or pencil.  Do not use technology for this.  Begin to write random words.  Turn these words into drawings.  Use random fonts to write.  Develop one or more drawings from every word you make.

7) If your dominant hand is your right hand, use your left hand for a half an hour whether you are cleaning your house or working on your projects.  This will awaken the opposite side of your brain.
8) Pull out those UFO's.  Combine two or more to make a new UFO or finished project!You might develop an amazing mixed media piece, and this will force your brain into a new phase of creativity. 

9) Do this exercise:  Walk two steps forward, turn around, walk 3 steps backwards, (Yes, walk backwards but be careful!) Hop two hops to the right.  Turn in a circle.  Walk 4 steps forward. Stop.  Made you think, didn't I?  You've also figured it out, you're dancing!  Continue.  Use your own steps and have fun!  Smile!  That helps, too!
10) Read a magazine or newspaper backwards.  You want to wake up your brain, right?  This is brain work!
After all this, if you are still stuck:

See #1

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Sharon Driscoll said...

Like this list - I need to print it out and read it every morning.