Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Easy Peasy Pink Face Scrubber Tutorial, Breast Cancer Awareness, October, and Pixie's Birthday!

Let's start from the end of the list and move forward.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful girl!  You don't know it, but you're 9 years old today, and that makes you an old dog.  Wait!  You don't even know you're a dog!  I love you, too!!!  You will get a cupcake today.  I know you love them, and I love you!!  Happy birthday, Miss Pixie Marie!

October:  Today is the first day of October.  Oh, my!

Breast Cancer Awareness:  October is breast cancer awareness month.  Ladies, check your boobies!  If you need a mammogram, get that mammogram.  Take care of your body and your body will take care of you!

Pink!  I resolve that during the month of October I will either wear or use something PINK to remind me and others that we need to get our boobies checked.  So, here's something PINK for you to make.

Easy Peasy Pink Face Scrubber
 Level of difficulty:  easy, beginner, easy peasy

I used sugar and cream 100% cotton yarn.
Use any brand you like, but you do need 100% cotton yarn.
I also used a size G/6 crochet hook.

Begin with a
chain 12
Row 1:  Skip 2 chains, 1 dc in each  chain  (10 dcs)

Row 2 - 11  - Ch. 3, 1 dc in each dc (10 dc)
(Your piece should be, approximately, 3" x 6")

Fold piece together and single crochet two sides together.
Leave one side open.
Weave loose ends into the scrubber.  Tie off.

Leave one side open and slip a small bar of soap inn the pocket.
use your new pink face scrubber 
get your boobies checked!

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