Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Quarter of a Century!

It was our dream house.  Nothing else I can say, except that it still is.

Today, I looked at this tree again.  It's not that red yet.  It's still green with a tinge of yellow, but 26 years ago, we moved into our dream house, this is the way our tree looked.  It was red, and it was beautiful!

What is even MORE AMAZING, is that I have lived in our home for longer than I lived in the home in which I grew up. 

I left my home town when I was 24, and I never been back there to live.  We left Chicago shortly after I turned 40, and we moved to Minnesota.  You don't have to do the math, I'll do it for you.

Next month, I'll be 66 years old.
66 - 40 = 26 years ago.  I keep saying this because I AM AMAZED that, as of this moment, I have lived in this home for a quarter of a century. 

My head is spinning at the math.  It's accurate. 


I am blessed!

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betsymn said...

I know what you mean. It's been 24 years for me in what I call the closest to paradise I'll get in this lifetime.