Monday, September 8, 2014

Now, I know why animals love the Sunny Spots on the Floor!

You see it happening all the time.  There's that one, tiny bit of a sunshine beam on the floor, and the cat or the dog will be in the center of that wee bit of light.  The animals luxuriate in the light.  You can offer treats, you can pick them up and move them, only to find that they are back in the same space as before. 

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day that verged on summer.  (After school is back in session, I consider the days as fall.) 

The curtains were open to allow in the light,  the sun beam was huge, and it was warm!  This time, I noticed that there was no one curled up behind me.  The sun pierced the window, shining on the bed, and it was warm.  The warmth of the sun through the window penetrated my skin and soaked into my bones.  I lay on the bed and allowed myself to be nourished and caressed by the sun.  I lay there slowly turning like a cat, then turning and curling up like a dog, and I understood. 

These moments in the sun were physically some of the most privileged moments I have experienced.  I absorbed the joy and elation of the chemicals churning in my body, brought on by the sun's warmth. 
I warmed up and deep within my a joy spread through my body.  The sun's rays felt like tentacles massaging my legs.  Then, I heard a "Meow."  I lost my space.  Marvin needed his sunbeam back.  Still, it was worth it.  I do get it now.  I really do!

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Sharon Driscoll said...

I did the same at Wheatland this year - Uh, should have used sun screen since I received a burn on my chest (LOL). But it felt so good soaking it all in. Pure nourishment.