Saturday, September 27, 2014

Listing Saturday:: Why I'm Ready for the Weather to Cool, Huh? Did I say that?????

1) I already put my summer clothes away!  (I've been really hot!)

2) The gardens have matured.  I'm ready for the harvest.

3) I need my comfort foods, only those that can be cooked in a cool house.

4) I'm ready for good sleeping weather.

5) I'm ready for cool, crisp days for walking.

6) My sandals are worn out.  I need close toed shoes!

7) When the leaves fall, they are fun to jump in and crush them.

8) I remember that a year ago my foot was in a cast because I had broken the connecting bone between my foot and my ankle.  It was hard to walk.

9) Pixie's birthday is only a week away.

10) My birthday is a few days after Pixie's.

11) The cool rains come down in the fall.

12) I like to sit in front of the fire place and warm up after a walk in the cool rains.

13) I love the smell of soup cooking in the crockpot.

14) If I can find an awesome pair of sandals on clearance, I can wear them with socks.

15) I can sleep buried in warm quilts.

Are you ready for cooler weather?  Hmmmmmmm!

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