Friday, January 2, 2015

My words for this year

 It is my habit, each New Year, to choose a new word for the year.  These words, each year, becomes my "mantra'" so to speak.  Because I have chosen them, they work, in my mind to help me change.

In 2014 and 2013 my word was the same:: HOPE.  I decided this year, that a change was needed.  I know you see the candy on the right, but, my word is not CANDY, although, that would be a fun word, wouldn't it?

In spite of the fact that the practice is to choose one word, this year, I have chosen two words::

Saturate and Absorb

Both words are both nouns and verbs.  I like that. Both words elate to art.  I like that, too.  So, why, saturate and absorb.

Let's begin with ABSORB.  Our days can become very tense. Although 24 hours in length, the time flies.  It is difficult with so much stimulation to absorb what happens in our days and make memories.

This year, 2015, I want to ABSORB as much as I can about each day.  I want to think and remember.
One of the ways I will do this is to, literally count and record my blessings each day.  I will absorb, more efficiently, the precious gift of life.

My other word is SATURATE.
When I make things, when I make art or simply craft around, I want to SATURATE my work with color and with me.  I want my work to stand out from others simply because of the saturation of colors, shapes, and sizes.  I want my mind to be saturated with kind thoughts and words.  I want to live my life to its fullest!


What is your word or words for 2015?

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