Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Question on Facebook...The Answers, too!

The question I posted on Facebook was::

"If 'Joy' were an object, what would it be?"

 The answers were wonderful!
I thank all the people who answered.

Here we go!
 More Joy!
One or all of my critters.
A rising balloon or a bubbling fountain
 Total satisfaction
My husband
A happy, healthy heart
A great cup of coffee with a fabulous mug made by an artist.
grandbaby or puppy
Books. Or wine.
A bouncy ball bought with a quarter you just found on the sidewalk
The ocean and all things in it and all manners of interacting with it.
A bench with two friends sitting on it.
a bubbler
The rushing water down over the rocks in the forrest, with a special friend!
A laughing baby!
Babies laughing
New beads!!!
Justin Wigglebutt!
Definitely chocolate!
Keeping up with family and friends on Facebook
All of the above! (Especially the chocolate and the puppy)
My pets with dark chocolate!
My Harley and miles of open road!
A warm fall day with the color of Amber, gold and Crimson on the ground... And a football being passed around while we play in the gorgeous colors of leaves.
Knowing all of your bills are paid and having enough left to treat the grandkids to dinner and a movie!!!
 Sandy beach and warm breezes
Baby belly laughs....licks from a doggy who loves me. 
I think I answered incorrectly. I guess if "joy" were an object, to me it would have to be a puppy yawning...cuz everyone knows, there is nothing better than PUPPY BREATH!!!
Hugs from Zack
My family and friends 
A puppy
A sunrise over the water.
A ride on a Harley
The sand below me, the sky above me & the sea in front of me on an almost empty beach last Sunday.
My dogs!
Hard to choose, but can I pick 3? A purring kitten, a perfect strawberry, a dive in the Ocean (although the last is an action).
Sitting by the ocean.
So, what's your answer to the question?


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