Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Writer's Block, Sore Wrist, Polymer Clay, Glass, and Beads....That's a lot to talk about, or not!

Yes, I'm stuck.  I've been stuck for a few days, and, so far, there's been no relief.  Writer's Block.  I'm really stuck!

My wrist is still sore.  I have another doctor's appointment next week.  I just want this to get better.  It still hurts.  Ouch!  Like I said, I'm stuck here, too. 

Polymer clay is sitting around waiting to be made into something.  Problem is, even if I carry the clay in my clothing to soften, and I am very gentle when I work the clay, my wrist hurts.  It's very sore now.  I wish it weren't, but some days, you just have to do something.  Today was that day, but I think I'll be sorry tomorrow.

Glass:: I only wish I could turn a mandrel with my wrist.  No chance.  I am so sorry for that.  I love glass!  I want to melt glass.  Looks like it's going to be a while yet.

Beads:: I want to make beads.  Yes, this is a whine, and I would like some cheese with it.  Ouch!  My wrist hurts even as I type.  Ouch! 

Whine over.  What's new with you?


Sharon Driscoll said...

Is it your wrist or your thumb? Is it the joint near the base of your thumb? That would be the CMC joint. Did you get yourself a brace? Thinking about it now I never answered your text. A brace will give you some relief - everything aggravates that joint. It took me a good week away from everything, especially the computer, and the brace to reduce the problem. Gripping things? Are you hyperextending that joint? Yup, I'm worrying about you - I get to do that!

rosebud101 said...

Sharon, it's actually neither. I have two tendons that are inflamed. Yes, I have the brace. I have seen and orthopedic doc. I might have to have the sheath on the tendons cut. I'll know next week for sure. This week, I know it still hurts. We'll see if he thinks the pain is bad enough for the procedure. I hope so because it doesn't matter what I do. It hurts.