Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Today is the Day!!!

Even though my appointment was delayed an hour, I see the orthopedic doctor today about my wrist.  I'm hoping he'll say that he will do the surgery so that the pain will stop.  I'm tired of not being able to do anything without pain.  Hopefully, this will be scheduled soon, and I'll be back to making beads!!  I can hardly wait!  I'll let you know what happens. 


Shaiha said...

Hopefully it went well. I remember how glad I was when they finally scheduled surgery for my elbow. I had dealt with pain for a couple years & to take step towards fixing it was such a huge relief.

rosebud101 said...

Hi, Shaiha, he agreed with me about surgery. It's not scheduled until early February, but now there is hope that the pain will be taken care of after the procedure. Yes!