Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How to Help Your Friends in the Various Facebook Groups Sell Their Beads.

We all like to help our friends, or have our friends help us.  Many of us are selling our beads in different Facebook Groups.  You just have to follow the rules in each group in which you list.  Easy Peasy.

Some of the groups now are huge!  Your listing or listings can go to the bottom very quickly.  They might never see the light of day again.  There are a certain number of times that a seller can "bump" their beads.  Again, even with the allowed bumps, you can still find your listing at the bottom of the group in a matter of minutes.

So, how can we as sellers or buyers increase our views?  Many people will "like" our listings, which is very nice.  Don't get me wrong.  The only problem with a like is that it does not bring your listing to the top.  However, a COMMENT on the listing will do that!  Help your friends out by leaving a comment.  Examples would be: 1)This is a beautiful set!   2) I'm hoping this doesn't sell before I get home.  3) Love it!  4) Beautiful!  5) Nummy.  A comment will bring a listing to the top where it can be seen by more buyers.  The more buyers who see a listing  will increase the chances of that listing selling.
Make sense?  Good.

If a seller is smart, they will wait a while before they reply with a "Thank you" in the comment section.  This will again bring the listing to the top.

One word of caution, and I do agree with this, stay away from conversing with a seller.  In most groups, this is a direct violation of the rules.  Conversations are not allowed, but comments are.  Make sense?  Even when I am listing in groups, I try to leave a comment on a listing.  I don't comment on every listing, but I do leave comments for the seller. 

If you find your way to Facebook, and you see my items listed, feel free to leave a comment.  I wish PINS would work, but they would disappear when the item is taken down or sold.  I hope this helps you.  See you in the groups.

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