Tuesday, March 24, 2015

They shall Remain nameless or I normally love church suppers, but this is rediculous, or technology at its finest!

My church is a very social church.  There always seems to be a pot luck dinner, a soup supper, or some other kind of celebration.  Rarely do we run short on food, or even suspect that we might be short of food, but that did happen last week.  As Shirley and I were setting up, we looked at the food tables ready for the feast.  "We don't have enough food," Shirley said.   The rest of the parishioners were still in church.  The table was sparse at best.  I had brought ice cream.  "Should I order some pizzas?" I asked, wondering where that came from.  "If they can have them here in half an hour,” she replied.

I found the number of a pizza place about five minutes away.  It's a nationally known chain. I called the local number.  I got a prerecorded announcement saying that I should hold for an agent.  Huh?  An agent came on the line.  I was told that the pizzas would be delivered at 6:36 pm.  Ok, only 6 minutes late.  I ordered.  Shortly, the crowd arrived.  People found their places at the tables.  The food was blessed.  The party began. The tables of food were still very sparse.   6:45, still no pizzas.  I made the first of 3 more calls.

I had to hold for an agent.  Huh?  I explained that the pizzas were late.  They asked for the address.  I didn't know the church's mailing address.  I said, "You can almost see it from your location."  Now, I'm stunned.  "Um, I'm in San Antonio.  I can't see your church."   "I'm in Minnesota, but I'm ordering from someone in Texas for a restaurant I can almost see from here?"  "Yes."

This company did not make me happy that night.  The pizzas arrived at 7:10. By this time, dinner was over, and people were going home.  Yes, people were leaving.  Luckily, a minor seminary for high school aged boys discerning a possible priestly vocation is attached to the church.  They were still hungry, as are all growing boys between the ages of 14 and 18.    It didn't take long for the pizzas to be devoured.  Maybe, that's what this situation was all about.  I won't name the company publicly, but I can assure you, I will not order from them again even on game night which almost requires pizza be served.

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