Monday, January 18, 2016

10 Things you might or Night not Know about Me

1)  I have pink hair!  I've had pink hair for over 2 years now.  I love my hair being pink!

2) In my adult life I have owned and loved 4 dogs.
Oliver.  He was a basset hound.
Bailey:  He was my first greyhound.
Spike:  He was a dobbie
Pixie Marie.  Of course, she's a diva and a greyhound.

3) I worked for many, many years as a special ed teacher.

4) I make glass beads. polymer clay beads and sculptures.  I crochet.  I make rosaries and rosary bracelets.  On occasion, I paint.  I write.  I make jewelry.

5)  I am a Catholic.

6) I don't enjoy cooking, but I am a good cook!

7) My favorite prop to use, when I am taking pictures of my beads, is a rubber elephant named Hamster! Look for him in the background of my bead pictures.  You might only see a bit of gray or you might see all of him.  Just remember, his name is Hamster.

8) I have a good sense of humor.

9) I'm a fair weather athlete.  If it's cold, like right now (-18), unless I have to go outside, I don't.  I'll walk around the house or dance in the house, but I'm inside for the duration!

10) In the top ten of my favorite old TV series, "The West Wing" is the BEST!

All right, now you know some trivia about me, tell me something about you!

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Deb said...

A few things you forgot to mention:

You are sweet, you are kind, you are compassionate & you are caring. Oh, wait - anyone who knows you already knows that!!

All I can think of about me is my uncanny ability to embarrass my children, by dancing like no one is watching, even when they are.
Oh & I'm most excellent at getting the lyrics to the teens latest songs wrong, while driving, which she snap-chats & sends to people I don't know in cyber space. Now I deliberately get them wrong ;)