Thursday, January 21, 2016

Today, I had an Interesting Experience

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I'm neutral on the end result, but it was interesting.
Jenny and I spent 45 minutes in a 
"therapeutic salt room."
The room looked very similar to this one, except that there was only room for 6 chairs.
We didn't know anyone else,
so, in that way,
it was unique.
i did manage to get in a nap,
but I sure itched a lot in the process.

After you arrive, you are escorted into a room where you leave your purse, your jacket, etc, in a small locker.  You are not restricted from using an electrical device, but you are not encouraged to use one in there.
You are asked to take off your shoes and put on paper booties to wear into the room.

You are given a body sized blanket to use. 
Once inside the room, you are asked to find a chair.  I could feel the salt even before I went into the room.  My skin started to feel dry and itchy.  
The discomfort was minor.  Just itching on my face and arms and in my hair.
Someone came in and announced that she would get us started.  A fan started and she closed the door for 45 minutes.
I must have dozed because the time went by quickly.
I had a light coating of salt on my glasses at the end of the event.

I noticed one man had brought in a tablet.  I was glad I hadn't brought mine in because if my glasses were coated with salt, I can only assume my tablet would be, also.

I'm still re-hydrating.  I'm neutral on the therapeutic results of this time.
I don't think it hurt me, but I'm not sure it helped me, except that I took a power nap.
Would I do it again?  
I'm not sure.
Maybe with a really good Groupon I would.  
Otherwise, I'm neutral.

Photo attribution: Reise-Line
March 6, 2010

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